power source
tear off perforation for each
individual single blister
peel off flap for easy battery
take out
space saving blister piling
(storage and logistic)
battery box with safety seal
(sealed peel of flap for box
The new Renata blistercard MP (Multifunctional Pack)
containing 10 silver oxide cells.
Other existing Renata packaging versions and battery tester.
CU packaging for silver oxide cells
This practical single blister card
unit (CU) packaging is used for
individual use in department stores,
electronic device stores or service
IB packaging for silver oxide and
lithium cells
Our industrial bulk (IB) packaging
for OEM applications (movement
manufacturers, watch assemblers).
Renata battery tester
Renata battery tester for 1.55 V
silver oxide cells and 3 V lithium
cells. It includes a special inductive
circuit which can test the battery of
analogue watches with a stepping
motor without the need to open the
watch case.
CU packaging for lithium cells
Our unmistakable single blister
card unit (CU) packaging for all
kinds of POS presentations.
New display for 24 MP blistercards
Renata – advanced battery technology
for 0% mercury silver oxide button cells.
Renata is a strong partner of the Swiss quartz watch industry.
We are offering a complete battery portfolio of 0% mercury
silver oxide cells 1.55V for analogue and digital watches.
Please take advantage of our low drain and high drain technology.
Of course, we are also offering a full range of lithium coin cells 3V.